Sunday, March 15, 2009

SeLaMaT DaTaNg


Satu Lagi Peluang Keemasan dibawa oleh
Ke Arah Merealisasikan Hasrat & Impian Jutawan Yang Sebenar!
Ingin menjadi JUTAWAN CERAMIC menjelang tahun 2009?

"Sebenarnya orang yang berkata negatif pada
apa yang sedang kita lakukan, orang itu hanya
menyangka sahaja dan orang itu sedang

Antara Kelebihan Yang Dinikmati Pemegang Kad Privilege Ceramic Business Club!

Tapi kalau nak kaya, ikut system kami!!

POWER PLAN BOOSTER ( Sell Back Franchise System )

Join jer terus dapat cek, untung pulak TU

CBC memberikan anda 2 pilihan sama ada ingin mengambil produk sebagai koleksi / dijual kepada pelanggan ataupun jika anda tidak ingin membuat jualan produk atau mengambil produk tersebut, anda boleh menjualkan kembali produk yang dibeli tadi kepada CBC dengan harga yang lebih tinggi (Sell Back Option) tetapi anda hendaklah bersetuju dengan syarat-syarat 'Sell Back Policy' yang telah ditetapkan oleh CBC:

  • CBC membeli semula produk ceramic tadi daripada anda pada harga yang telah CBC tetapkan; dan
  • CBC membuat pembayaran semula kepada anda secara Installment Payment melalui pemberian beberapa keping cek.

    beli produk, rasa takleh jual, sell back balik, kita dapat cek, untung dah situ..

    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    SeDiaKaN PaYuNG SeBeLuM HuJaN

    Persekutuan Majikan-Majikan Malaysia (MEF) menganggarkan 200,000 ~ 400,000 pekerja akan HILANG PEKERJAAN tahun ini dan tahun depan ekoran keadaan ekonomi yang diramal pada tahun 2009!

    Berita Harian - 19 Januari 2009
    Kilang tutup operasi tiga minggu

    KUALA LUMPUR: Seramai 45,000 pekerja sektor pembuatan di seluruh negara terpaksa 'diberhentikan' sementara menjelang Tahun Baru Cina, minggu depan kerana kebanyakan kilang menutup operasi sehingga tiga minggu bagi mengurangkan kos akibat krisis ekonomi global.

    Menteri Sumber Manusia, Datuk Dr S Subramaniam, berkata pengusaha kilang berkenaan mengambil tindakan itu kerana kurang menerima tempahan.

    Fakta ini bukan bertujuan menakut-nakutkan anda!
    Tapi bukankah elok anda


    Monday, February 9, 2009

    WHo Is AsiA CeRaMiC MaRKeTinG

    Sijil Pendaftaran SSM Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn Bhd

    .:: Mengenai Ceramic Business Club ::.

    Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn Bhd (780794-T) is a trading and e-commerce company that produces compositions of ceramic and pottery products.

    With the emergence of e-commerce, we magnify the use of electronic communications and digital information processing technology in business transactions to create, transform, and redefine relationships for value creation between our Company and our Distributors. With this, we include the following components:

    A corporate website with e-commerce capabilities i.e; a secure transaction server;

    A corporate intranet so that orders are processed in an efficient manner and

    IT-literate employees to manage the information flow and maintain the e-commerce system.

    Thus, we bring not only the finest pieces of art work to today’s world but also provide business opportunities to the society.

    Anchored with the experience and essentials of the ceramic world, we have established the Ceramic Business Club (CBC). CBC is Asia Ceramic Marketing’s house brand that utilizes the company’s e-commerce platform. Since its incorporation in 2007, the CBC network represents a beneficial partnership of enthusiastic independent distributors. As such, the remarkable CBC strategy enables a distributor to accrue abundance of contentment.

    .:: Our Mission ::.

    Asia Ceramic upholds its core values of:

    We set high standards and offer value to our customers and distributors by providing them with high quality ceramic products and an extraordinary service at a fair price. We define quality by evaluating the ceramic materials used in our products.

    In our pursuit for excellence, we have a passion for continual quality improvement to create new value by aiming high, demonstrating a pioneering spirit, and consistently striving for greater achievements.

    Integrity is our hallmark of wholeness, personally and professionally. We earn our reputation by adhering to the highest ethical standards and conduct as we work consciously to uphold trustworthiness and business ethics to meet the needs of those we serve.

    We place fairness, honesty, and objectivity at the forefront as we assess our own policies, practices, and behaviors to ensure that we make credible the actions taken to enhance quality improvement in both our brand value and promise to all our stakeholders.

    At Asia Ceramic we are committed to a diverse workplace that respects and values all of the unique characteristics of our employees, stakeholders and the community we operate in. We recognize that diversity is an asset that improves working relationships and productivity.

    Respect for each other and warmly embracing these differences is the basis of our collaborative success. We seek to discover the extraordinary in each other to enable us to attract and retain the highest caliber people to meet and surpass corporate goals.

    With passion in our hearts, we endeavor to serve our customers competently, efficiently and knowledgeably. Being passionate inspire us to constantly create new value for the organization's stakeholders and keep us focused on leading the organization to new dimensions of performance.

    Our passion to do well is matched by our desire to do good. We believe the best way to achieve those parallel goals is to harmoniously align our business and global citizenship strategies. We celebrate success and see failures as opportunities for growth while always welcoming change as an opportunity for improvement.

    .:: Business Plan ::.

    In today's business world, we are looking into the scope of one world; where there are no borders between businesses especially in the industry of e-commerce. .Today's rapid globalization and emergence of the knowledge-based economy has brought with it a host of new challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

    In addition, many companies in developed countries are successful in their business by providing additional rewards to their customers such as privilege membership programme.

    Ceramic Business Club is Asia Ceramic's house brand in the e-commerce industry. We mainly focus in the business of distributor's reconsumption, business profit sharing rewards for loyalty members and rewards in purchasing products.

    Ceramic Business Club is an e-commerce platform
    that is fully owned by
    Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn Bhd
    Ceramic Business Club
    (Membership with membership card)

    * Membership's Privileges:
    (Business Profit Sharing Rewards Programme)
    1) Incentive rewards from Referral Programme
    2) Profit Sharing rewards from IPS Programme
    3) Profit Sharing rewards from PS Programme
    4) Overriding Incentive rewards from referral's members income
    5) Leadership Incentive rewards from members group sale
    6) E-shopping Rewards Programme (e.g. Ceramic products, Giant Vouchers, KFC & Pizza Hut Vouchers, telecommunication products, collection items and others merchants products)
    7) Qualify for Sell-Back Policy Programme
    8) Special arrangements for Travelling Package

    * More privilege rewards in the near future:
    • (Auto renew) P.A. group insurance
    • Profit Sharing Programme in Ceramic CafĂ© chain shops
    • Profit Sharing Programme in Ceramic Store chain shops
    • Profit Sharing Programme in Taman Ceramic development's project
    • Community Caring Programme, i.e a charity aid programme for distributors’ family.
    Eg: The lost of a loved one, accident and education for the less fortunate.
    • Community Service Programme i.e a charity aid programme for the general public
    Eg: Orphanages, old floks Hospitals, etc

    *Terms and Conditions apply
    Ceramic Business Club reserves all rights to modify, change or remove the reward programmes without any prior notice.

    .:: Future Planning ::.

    Office and Studio
    Office Reception

    Ceramic Garden Cafe ( Outside View )
    Ceramic Garden Cafe (Inside View)

    Ceramic Store (Chain Shop)

    Taman Ceramic (Development Plan Overview)
    Taman Ceramic (Club House Reception)

    .:: Hubungi Kami ::.
    Tel no.
    + 603 - 4270 2898

    Fax no.
    + 603 - 4270 2899

    SMS Support
    + 6016 - 332 1605

    Mailing Address

    Block H, Ground Floor, Excella Business Park,
    Jalan Ampang Putra, Taman Ampang Hilir,
    55100 Kuala Lumpur

    Bank Account Information

    A/C Name: Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn Bhd

    Maybank A/C No: 5140-6613-3487
    Public Bank A/C No: 3-148-313-212
    CIMB Bank A/C No:1458-0001466-05-8
    AmBank A/C No: 092 201 200 4519

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